1. Boarding rates apply the day the Parrot is dropped off. (The next day fee starts at 11 am the preceding day.)
  2. Boarding over 7 days receive $1.00 per day discount
  3. Multi-bird discounts and longer-stay discounts available (Call for quotes)
  4. After hours drop offs, or after hour pick up, add 1 day of boarding fees.
Cockatiels, Lovebirds, and Budgies
$ 10.00
All other small parrots $11.00
Grey, Eclectus, Amazons, small Cockatoos and Macaws $11.00
Large cockatoos and Macaws $12.00

Note: All Parrots not purchased at Exotic Birds of Denver within the last 3 years we will need veterinarian health certificates.

Cages and food for boarding are provided by Exotic Birds of Denver.

Diet: Cooked food plus vegetables Roudybush Pellets in cages at all times.

Daily Treats Provided: Dried fruit and shelled nuts Nuts in the shell (for parrots that require more fat in their diet)

WE DO NOT give parrots peanuts or sunflower seeds unless requested